Overlord Movie Review

7.5/10 Wonderfully made R rated action film with a solid script and interesting characters that you care about. Note that while there are still horror elements, Overlord is not an…
2018 Film

First Man Movie Review

6.5/10 Good but not great. First Man is a biographical drama about astronaut Neil Armstrong and stars Ryan Gosling in the lead role. The film covers the decade leading up to his most famous…
2018 Action Film Horror

Mandy Movie Review

7/10 A mesmerising experience and one of the best movies for 2018 so far. Nicolas Cage makes a fine return with an action-horror film that's incredibly stylistic and thoroughly entertaining. But be…
2013 Film

The Purge Movie Review

3/10 You’ve got to purge Morty *burps excessively*. The way I see it, The Purge is the precursor for the shitty horror films Blumhouse Productions went on to make, such…