2019 Shows

Stranger Things 3 Review

3/10. Forgettable and uninspiring. Stranger Things 3 feels like a rehash of previous seasons and by now indicates the end should be near. Admittedly, when the first season of Stranger…
2019 Drama Movies

Parasite Movie Review

9/10. Masterfully crafted. Parasite shows Bong Joon-ho is at the top of his game with a thoroughly engaging and obscure dark comedy. For the uninitiated, don’t be deterred from thinking…
2019 Movies

Brightburn Movie Review

3/10 Great idea. Terrible execution. Brightburn wastes its opportunity to create an interesting twist on the superhero genre. From laughable performances to a mediocre plot, not much goes right aside…
2019 Documentary

Free Solo Movie Review

7/10 An Oscar winning documentary that reaches spectacular heights. Free Solo captures the engaging world of incredible solo rock climber Alex Honnold, whose passion has challenged him to climb one…
2019 Mystery

Burning Movie Review

Frustrating but masterfully crafted. Burning is a well-made mystery but I also can’t help feeling annoyed at how ambiguous the story is. In a strange way, there's enough plot to…