2019 Movies

The Irishman Movie Review

6.5/10. Long but masterfully crafted. The Irishman may have long overstayed its welcome by the runtime, but it’s still created with passion and precision. I know this might go against…
2019 Shows

Stranger Things 3 Review

3/10. Forgettable and uninspiring. Stranger Things 3 feels like a rehash of previous seasons and by now indicates the end should be near. Admittedly, when the first season of Stranger…

Roma Movie Review

6.5/10 A great film hindered by its slow-moving pace. Roma has the markings of a being another Alfonso Cuarón classic, but the unraveling of events is far too tedious to…
2018 Film

Extinction Movie Review

3/10 From Perth director Ben Young, Extinction falls flat as a science fiction drama that takes too long to give anything remotely original or interesting. Focusing on a simple-minded civilian, Peter keeps…