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A Rare Interview with Dario Russo – The Co-Creator of Danger 5


Shazam 2 Movie Review

5.5/10 Not bad, but not great either. If there was ever a more border-of-the-line, safe superhero story, this would be it. Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods suffers from writing…

The Matrix Resurrections Review

5.5/10. Resurrected boldly but not without its faults. Matrix Resurrections tries its best to explore new grounds in a science-fiction realm that doesn’t quite cut the mustard. What makes the…

No Time to Die Review

4/10. While No Time to Die has thrills and spills, it is sadly a disappointing affair in what is a poor farewell for my favourite James Bond actor. There are…

Fast and The Furious 9 – Review

Twenty twenty-one marks the 20th anniversary of the Fast & Furious franchise. That’s 20 years since the 2001 debut of an innocuous little musclehead action movie called The Fast and the Furious,…

The Suicide Squad – Review

There are two things that James Gunn does better than just about anyone else on the planet: One is making glossy mega-budget superhero movies that still march to the beat of their…

Crisis Movie Review

6/10. An incredible truthful tale that sadly doesn’t stick the landing. Crisis tells three interweaving stories that revolve around the opioid epidemic that is occurring in North America. The first…

Waves Movie Review

8/10. Waves is a stellar film that manages to use cinematography and music to create a carefully curated emotive environment. The film follows the Williams, an African American family, as…

A Hidden Life Review

6/10. Beautifully shot but too long for its own good. A Hidden Life is the latest film from renowned experimental writer-director Terrence Malick and while it makes for an amazing…

Marriage Story Movie Review

8/10. Engrossing and heartbreaking. Marriage Story is an entertaining story about the difficulties of marriage that has incredible performances from its leads. This is writer-director Noah Baumbach’s twelfth film and…