2019 Drama Movies

Parasite Movie Review

9/10. Masterfully crafted. Parasite shows Bong Joon-ho is at the top of his game with a thoroughly engaging and obscure dark comedy. For the uninitiated, don’t be deterred from thinking…

Roma Movie Review

6.5/10 A great film hindered by its slow-moving pace. Roma has the markings of a being another Alfonso Cuarón classic, but the unraveling of events is far too tedious to…
2017 Drama Film

Happy End Movie Review

8/10 One of the strangest and most dysfunctional families I've seen in film. Happy End is yet another fine example of its accomplished and well-refined genius writer/director Michael Haneke, an…
2017 Film

Raw Movie Review

6.5/10 On first glance, the premise of Raw can be easily mistaken as a comedy. “When a young vegetarian undergoes a carnivorous hazing ritual at vet school, an unbidden taste…
2015 Film

Mustang Movie Review

5/10 Mustang works by not only being a different coming of age story that Western audiences are normally used to but by letting you decide for yourself on its moral…