One of the most unbelievable real-life stories I’ve heard. Three Identical Strangers is a thoroughly engrossing documentary on three identical brothers who were separated and adopted at birth. If there was ever a strong case for truth being stranger than fiction, their story would be enough evidence.

I don’t want to give anything away because it would ruin the experience, but Three Identical Strangers takes you through how the brothers found each other and their incredible history. The first 30 mins of this film go effortlessly from being a great story to an amazing story. I was completely astounded at how everything unfolded simply because it’s essentially a once in a lifetime type of story.

Unfortunately, as the film gets deeper in revealing more about the brothers, I couldn’t help but feel left wanting with so much more. Most of the last half of the film felt disjointed with the interviews that missed critical points of the story. There were many moments where I was wondering why certain questions weren’t being asked and what happened to this person or that outcome.

Nevertheless, Three Identical Strangers manages to successfully resurrect and add more layers to an already amazing story. Overall it’s entertaining, funny, unbelievable and everything you need for a great documentary – even though somehow it wasn’t nominated at the Oscars (rolls eyes).

The brothers have one hell of a story and it’s one that I’m likely never to forget in the future. See it.



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