9/10. Heartwarming and satisfying. Toy Story 4 lives up to expectations and is another Pixar classic.

Truthfully, as soon as I heard Pixar was making another Toy Story, I knew I was in for a treat. So, while my expectations were set high, Pixar certainly disappoint!

Toy Story 4 gave me the most heartwarming and fuzzy feeling. Unashamedly, it took me back to the good old days when I would try and spy on my toys to see if they would come to life.

The movie follows Woody, the original gang, and few new additions through an unexpectedly wild adventure that reunites them with favourite Bo-peep. Together they try to save the newest member of the crew Forky, a cute ‘spork’ with paddle pop sticks as feet, from a dangerous situation that threatens his life.

Clearly, the film encompasses subtle underlying messages of acceptance, friendship, love, and trust. While this is nothing new to the franchise, it nevertheless adds to the heartwarming element of the film, and I would even consider it to be a story within a story. I sat in the theatre thinking that this could be one of the best animated-adventure films I had ever seen.

This film is definitely one for all to enjoy. Light-hearted comedy, tear-jerking displays of family and friendship, and a whole lot of nostalgia. The storyline feels cleverly written and well thought out.

The production value of this film is also nothing short of spectacular, and one thing I was thoroughly impressed by was the smooth transitions. One can tell Pixar (as always) put in a stupendous amount of time and effort into creating a sentimental masterpiece.

To those who were there from the beginning, when Woody and Buzz first became best buddies, this film will certainly hit you right in the ‘feels’, hopefully not as hard as it hit mine.

Toy Story 4 comes out on the 19th of June, please go and see it!


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