Just a couple of rednecks caught up in some good old-fashion horror hijinks.

With a name like Tucker and Dale vs Evil, you might be easily mistaken to think that this is yet another cheesy B-comedy horror film. However, the genius that lies behind this film is that it’s actually made as the biggest piss take on all of those said films. And it does it in ways that are not only clever but more importantly, hilarious.

We follow a group of college kids heading out on a road trip to go to a holiday cabin that’s located in the deep dark woods. Yeah, I know. Just like every other fucking horror film. But, like I said, this is a film that takes the mickey out of situations like this and subverts all the typical tropes associated with horror films. How does it do so you may ask? Well, unlike all those other films, our youthful and hopeful college kids haven’t met the likes of two country rednecks, Tucker and Dale. What the college kids don’t know, is that whilst their looks might be deceiving, Tucker and Dale are in fact the kindest people you would ever hope to meet and are just unfortunately placed in a lot of “bad looking” type situations. As the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil constantly use this expression to conjure up a heap of laughs that otherwise wouldn’t be possible in any other horror film. This idea of placing the good guys in scenarios where they appear bad is the trope that makes the basis for the film’s foundation and it allows for it to take the mickey of so many other horror films that try to be like it, but in a serious way. Whilst this film essentially relies on this form of gag throughout the whole film, and it is great to see, it can be a bit stale after a while. It’s nowhere near detrimental to the fun you’ll have watching it, but I have to bring it up because it’s the main reason why this film isn’t above the rating it is.

Having mentioned the biggest problem with the film, I am writing this article because I genuinely believe that this is still something you should watch and there’s no reason not to, since, hey, it’s on Netflix! Hence why I am also putting this into our Netflix Gems category as it definitely warrants a spot, compared to some of the other crap that is on there (*cough* Annihilation cough). Tucker and Dale vs Evil might not be as intelligent as other films like The Cabin In The Woods, but it’s a lot funnier and a blast to watch with a group of friends. This is one of those films that is great to watch with others who enjoy horror and love having a laugh at the same time.

So, grab a few beers, get some snacks and some friends (hopefully you have some), and whack this one on at your next gathering. I’m sure there’ll be moments of squeamish gore that will disgust a few but also please many others. But most of you will come away from this laughing your heads off and then hopefully be recommending this to everyone else that you know. So, goooooo see it.

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