2021 Movies Reviews

Crisis Movie Review

6/10. An incredible truthful tale that sadly doesn’t stick the landing. Crisis tells three interweaving stories that revolve around the opioid epidemic that is occurring in North America. The first…

Friendlyjordies’ War on Everything This is my video explaining how Friendlyjordies has risen to become the voice of his generation when it comes to Australian politics and why he has done so well…
2019 Movies

The Irishman Movie Review

6.5/10. Long but masterfully crafted. The Irishman may have long overstayed its welcome by the runtime, but it’s still created with passion and precision. I know this might go against…
2019 Documentary

Free Solo Movie Review

7/10 An Oscar winning documentary that reaches spectacular heights. Free Solo captures the engaging world of incredible solo rock climber Alex Honnold, whose passion has challenged him to climb one…

Captain Marvel Movie Review

Captain Marvel. 5.5/10 Another solid Marvel film. Captain Marvel works as a classic superhero film with enough originality and humour to be an easy and entertaining watch. It’s nothing spectacular…